50/60: New Hampshire

| July 4, 2012 | 4 Comments

The 50 in 60 Tour, complete with expensive t-shirts and ridiculously useless ‘thneeds’, keeps a chooglin’ with the addition of New Hampshire and Indiana. The 50/60 Tour is about me visiting all 50 states before I’m 60. It used to be the 50 in 50 tour, which had a much more symmetrical vibe goin’ on, but 50 kinda came around and there were still states to visit. One must always be able to roll with the punches. Very important, that. So it changed. If I don’t make all 50 states by the time I’m 60 then I’ll revise it to the “50 in Dead” tour.

For those of you have already visited all 50 states, yeah, I don’t wanna hear it, mmmkay. Go eat some beans or something while I talk about ME.

I made the above map, color coded no less, to represent my quest. I’m sure you’re dying to know what it all means. Since you asked, the green states are states I have lived in or have visited so frequently I could claim residency. The blue states are those I’ve visited frequently or did something of significance while visiting. The orange states are ones I’ve traveled through often but haven’t stopped to do anything of great value. Although, we did visit a knit shop and way groovy ice cream stand in South Carolina. And, we had a trailer ‘incident’ in Alabama so frustrating we now refer to the state as Alafuckingbama. The gray states are those I’ve driven through from end to end and stayed a night but didn’t do anything special. White states are those left to visit. It’s a northern thing a this point, and Hawaii – which we’ll save for the grand finale.

Just an aside, technically I have been to Wisconsin. But, it was only to drive across the border from Minnesota.  I Wisconsined (yes, it’s a new verb) all of about 30 minutes, saw a bunch of farm land, then headed back – not my idea of visiting a state. Wisconsin remains unvisited. You can’t drive through a corner of a state, or cross the border for a moment, and claim to have been in the state. That’s morally reprehensible. Ok, murder is morally reprehensible. Claiming state visitation on flimsy evidence is bad form. Bad form!

I wanted to get in at least one New England state of the three I have left and New Hampshire was on the way to our ultimate destination – Wilmington, NY. I did a bit of roadside attraction research and found a barn covered with license plates stood just past the MA/NH border.

We almost passed it by. A mom and her two sons sat on the front porch of the house next to the barn as dad mowed the grass on a riding mower. I asked if it was ok to take a pic, the mom obliged. The two boys never once looked away from dad riding on the mower. Not once did they look at the strange lady in the yard taking pics of their barn. They were focused intently on the mower, waiting. Waiting for dad to give them a ride. Strange people in the yard don’t trump a ride on the mower.

After the barn photo shoot we headed north to Vermont and beyond. It’s quite a lovely drive. We crossed the border from NH to VT on this bridge.

On to New York and the main reason for our trip – to visit the queen’s mother (we’ll call her queen mum) for mother’s day and her 80th birthday.

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  1. Deborah says:

    No, strangers in the yard taking pictures of the barn covered with license plates don’t trump a ride on the mower. Not now way, not no how. 😉

  2. e says:

    I think your snazzy car in front of the license plate barn would have been a nice juxtaposition.

    I wanted to say juxtaposition.

    And, how is New Hampshire ‘on the way’ to New York???

  3. Profile photo of eb says:

    We didn’t drive the snazzy car on this trip. We drove a new car my dad bought us. The art car needs a new timing belt before we unleash it on the road again.

    Anything that’s not too far out of the way is always on the way. That’s my motto. Plus, we were going to upstate New York, way upstate. We headed up 91 and jumped on 7West in Vermont to hit the Northway (I87) up to Lake Placid. We could have hopped west in CT over to 87. But we didn’t lose too much time. Plus, it was a more scenic drive AND there was a roadside attraction on the way.C’mon, that is so “on the way.”

  4. maxine says:

    There was also an awesome lobster roll on the way as well as some much needed replenishing of my Vermont Bee Balm stash (vermontbeebalm.com, of course) and I think with no stopping, either over and up from CT or up and over were more or less the same, timewise…

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