A roadside classic: Mammy’s Cupboard

| February 13, 2013 | 3 Comments

After contemplating the mysteries of the Abita Mystery House, we found refuge at a hotel in Mandeville during a torrential downpour. We sat in the common area drinking beer and wine and ordered some ‘za. The pizza delivery specialist was a real trooper bringing us pizza during a Looziana monsoon.

The next day we headed for a roadside attraction that has been on my bucket list for a while – Mammy’s Cupboard in Natchez, MS. Is it a duck? I think it might be a duck.

Mammy’s is open for lunch… they close on Louisiana Mississippi time.

The inside is much bigger then you would think. They have pictures of Mammy’s Cupboard from days gone by.

It looks like in this picture Mammy has dark skin, though this picture isn’t that long ago considering the make of the car. The current mammy, hi-ever, is white.

Of course, there was a selection of Mammys inside Mammy’s.

This is one of those things that falls under the dubious umbrella of “entertaining ism”. It’s obviously racism, clearly an objectification of an entire race of people. But it’s kinda groovy too. And the food is pretty good. Very basic soup and sandwich fare but very fresh and tasty. If you go, they only take cash.


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  1. e says:

    Weird and awesome. I love that she is white now. Even in Luzianne things can change for the better.

  2. Profile photo of eb says:

    Oops, my bad. Natchez is not in Louisiana, it’s in Mississippi. So even MS can change for the better, which is quite an accomplishment considering the history. Although the deep south is still the deep south. Whenever anyone says we’re “post racial”, all you have to do is point them to LA, MS, AL, GA and FL. The “stars and bars” fly proudly in all of them.

  3. weese says:

    where the hell do you find all these (creepy) things.

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