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Before I get into the who, what, where and why of the past year or so, yesterday we bought air. It cost a lot of money, this air. We could have gone on a grand European vacation complete with a cabana girl to attend to our every need for the price of this air. But we live in Houston. When one lives in the tropics, air is as precious as a European vacay avec cabana girl.

As many of you know, it is imperative to have your air checked every year. Much like you have to check the oil in your car or whatever mandatory checking thing you have to do in your life, the air must be checked lest it fall into disrepair. That is no fun believe you me (that’s one of those generational phrases, isn’t it? 75 year old people say that. “Believe you me, sonny!) Back to the no fun part — keep up with your air, or else suffer the consequences. Imagine a Fudgesicle (or Creamsicle or whatever race your sicle may be) on a 100 degree day. That’s you without air. Sticky and just plain gross.

ac01The first thing I did was consult Angie’s List? Do you use AL? I do. Great way to find decent repair people. I purchased a spring air check up and a new thermostat via discount Angie’s List coupons. Our old thermostat was plucking my last nerve. It was not installed properly to begin with and then the buttons popped off. Switching from air to heat meant removing the cover and trying to remember what nub matched the function you were attempting to switch to. Pain in my ass. I was done. Over it.

I’d been looking for a new air company and AirTech of Houston has a bajillion rave reviews on AL. Usually companies with a good rep have a couple hundred reviews, this company has over a thousand. I figured it was a good bet.

Steve, the tech guy, installed the new thermostat pronto. Isn’t it sexy? I think it should be on the cover of Vogue. When you touch a button it lights up. This is very helpful at night. But best of all, it doesn’t wiggle. I’m not fond of wiggling. I know of no one who is.

Then Steve the tech guy checked out the air system. I braced myself for what I knew to be true. Our 12 year old, rusty, caterwauling tin can of an air conditioner pieced together with bubble gum and boogers (God’s glue!) was past its prime. Now, one hopes for an air conditioner to last longer than 12 years, but this a/c has been giving us headaches from the beginning. Add to that the nearly complete lack of insulation in our attic and the ancient duct work built by the Romans in 12 bc, it was about time to bring the air system in this house into the new century. The decision was made. *Poof* Goodbye cabana girl, hello new air.


ac03It all happened so quickly. Thomas the installation tech guy and his crack team of guys who can work in small, dusty crawl spaces came yesterday morning at around 8. Seriously, our attic is perhaps 4 feet at its various apexes. Thomas techie calls them Frank Lloyd Wrong houses — 50s ranch style houses with no room for anything in the attics. It’s all a jumbled mess of wires and pipes and no room to stand. But that’s why you call the pros. Because they’ve seen it all before and they know what they’re doing.

They finished at 2pm and we have a beautiful, new, QUIET, air conditioner. The air flows evenly through the house. Ahhhh. The duct work is all new and clean, the attic has 12 inches of blown in insulation.

Not only that, what before was a tangle of wires and loose stuff near the outside unit is now a nice, neat package of drain pipe and electrics. It’s a thing of beauty.

Unfortunately, our European vacation avec cabana girl will have to wait. Such is the consequence of home ownership. Hi-ever, we will be ready for summer. Bring it on like Donkey Kong.

Speaking of outside, last year I planted a grape vine. I think they are Champanel grapes. I remember dark grapes depicted on the label and the leaves certainly look like Champanel leaves. The vine grew quickly last year with no sign of grape blooms. But this year, right away the thing leafed out.


And it is full of grape clusters. What shall I call my winery?




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  1. Deborah says:

    1. YOU BLOGGED??!!! Yippeee!!! 2. A/C housing=sexay!
    3. efitz wines?

  2. efrompdx says:

    That damned expensive air!
    We don’t generally need the a/c in pdx, but I did have to replace the furnace last year. Yes, the European (or tropical) vacation is gone. But, it was the warmest and most comfortable of winters. So, yes, worth it.

    I’m impressed with your grape vine! Hope to see more pix as the fruit develops!

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