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The teasing begins even before you get to Arizona heading west on Interstate 10. You see the first billboard – The Thing, Mystery of the Desert. Then another billboard and another. By the time you get closer to The Thing, in Benson, Arizona, you desperately feel the need to stop. Your very life may depend upon it. Because if you don’t see what The Thing is, you may regret it FOREVER.

The Thing is a totally trippin’ roadside attraction at one of the Bowlin’s souvenir shops dotting I-10 in New Mexico and Arizona. Kinda like Stuckys on the east coast. Not only is The Thing at this Bowlin’s, but you’ll also find a Dairy Queen – manna from heaven when one is on the road.

I did a whole post about The Thing on a previous blog that has since been boarded up and vacated, so I’m not going to tell the tale here. Besides, if you are a road tripper and have an inclination to see The Thing, a big part of the fun is not knowing what it is. But let me say, IMHO, The Thing is one of the absolute best roadside attractions EVER. I know there are those who think it’s lame, but they’re wrong. Really, they are. If you want to find out what The Thing is all about, this is a good, concise explanation. I will, hi-ever, show a few photos…

Observe, dear reader, the entrance door to The Thing. Are you brave enough to pass through to the unknown? The mystery awaits! Do not hesitate for you have nothing to fear but fear itself – or being eaten by a strange, creature with pointy teeth.

Big yellow foot prints lead you along. Could The Thing be Arizona’s Bigfoot? Will you be attacked by a hairless (it’s way hot in AZ), ape-like creature with big, yellow feet? You begin to think maybe your very life is in danger! Oh no! But you press on, because you are a courageous, roadside attraction enthusiast. Nothing will deter you. Not you. Oh no.

Then you are sucked into the vortex that is… The Thing! You will live to see the other side but you will be a changed person. Then you will go to the DQ and get a Dilly Bar.

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