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I have been on a pursuit for a few years now to find the best kolache in Texas. This is not an original pursuit, but it is, I think, a noble one.

If you don’t know what  a kolache (ko-lah-chee) is (which means you probably don’t live in Texas), then ask your friend Google. I can tell you, they’re dang good, but, like any other food, some make ’em better than others (it’s all about the dough). Although, it’s my understanding that kolaches could be on the verge of having a national moment mainly because some hipsters in Brooklyn are starting to make artisanal kolaches. Shoot me now. 

About a year ago I read about an award winning kolache place in Clute, TX – The Kolache Shop, which was intriguing because most of the best kolache places are in the Texas Hill Country area-ish. Clute is down by the Gulf right next to Lake Jackson.


Decided on Sunday back in Dec. of 2013 to take a little trip to check out The Kolache Shop.  Hadn’t been down that way in a while so was delighted to see a statue of Stephen F. Austin by the same guy, David Adickes, who did the ginormous Sam Houston statue on 1-45, as well other sculptures around town. His studio is open to the public. Haven’t been yet, guess I should go someday soon.

Statue of Stephen F. Austin, father of Texas

So this statue isn’t quite as commanding as the one of Sam Houston, but after all – Sam Houston, c’mon. Also, the Houston statue is really big and almost up to the freeway, plus it’s on a major freeway that connects Houston and Dallas. This one you might miss if you’re not paying attention. I guess  you could say it’s more intimate. As it should be, I suppose. Stephen F. Austin is considered “the father of Texas” having colonized the region which eventually started a right, big fuss that culminated in the formation of the Republic of Texas. Now ya know.

Story of Stephen F. Austin

Stephen F. Austin statue

Stephen F. Austin statue

So here we are, getting closer to Clute and award winning kolaches.

Map of Lake Jackson area

The Kolache Shop

We finally get there after the hour drive and it was closed on Sunday! Tragic. Be thee not stupid. Always check out hours of operation. But hey, at least they had a groovy pig chef sign.

The Kolache Shop pig sign

We haven’t had a chance to go back, but this morning, visions of kolaches danced in my head and I decided to see if they had a website. Yes. And they make a Nutella kolache. Tears of joy.

Road trip to Clute! Soon.

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  1. Deborah says:

    Nothing like a place fearturing a shades wearin chef pig smoking a cigar.

  2. maxine says:

    They have a s’mores kolache!!

  3. efrompdx says:

    1. Shades or a blindfold on the pig?
    2. Kolaches – yes, I had to go to the googler. And, guess what? Portland has a twee kolache shop! Natch.
    3. Googled ‘tea rings’ as well.
    4. Stephen Austin has a cool outfit… although the purse is a bit much.
    5. Nice to see your reflection!

  4. LizC says:

    You left us hanging…what was Mr. Austin’s life tragically cut short by?

    btw – the picture of the full statue is really neat. The sky looks amazing!

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