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| August 11, 2012 | 1 Comment

The Gargantuan Epic Eastern Road Trip of 2012 was over, and we were spent. We slugged around for a couple weeks but then had to hit the road again to go see Emmylou play at Gruene Hall. No, you do not pronounce it “groan” or “groany”. It’s “green”. I wouldn’t want you to em-barrass yerself or nuthin’ if’n you ever happen to visit. I’m a friend like that. I’d tell ya if you had a big ol’ honkin’ booger slingin’ down from your proboscis, too. That’s how I roll, yo.

Gruene Hall is supposedly the oldest, continually run dance hall in Texas. Anyone who is anyone in Texas music and country music has played Gruene Hall. Well, almost. Up until this past June, Emmylou Harris had never played Gruene. Now she has, so we can add her to the list along with Willie, Townes, Jerry Jeff, Lyle and Hal. Hal Ketchum opened with an awesome set.

Gruene is about three and a half hours from Houston. We were lucky that our good friends, Vicki and Suzanne, joined us on this little venture. When we got there we took a seat at a beer garden a couple doors down from the hall. It was hot. Very hot. Though Suzanne is looking quite cool.

Here’s the deal about Gruene Hall, there is no air conditioning. That’s right. Middle of summer. Texas. No air conditioning. It was an authentic experience, gotta give it that. We made the grand mistake of not getting in line early on. As a result, we did not get a seat and all the seats were under the fans. It was hot, hot, hot inside the hall. Plus we were standing. I was the first to bail. I stood outside for a while then found a spot inside under a fan. The queen was a champ and lasted the entire concert. I eventually left the hall and found Vicki hanging outside. Suzanne came out a little later on. I love Emmylou, but I have my sweat limits.

I’d see another show at Gruene Hall, but next time I’ll be prepared.


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  1. e says:

    ‘sweat limits’

    Must have. And must obey.

    Love Emmylou!

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