Christmas in July

| July 17, 2012 | 4 Comments

Did you miss me? Of course you did. Your life is an empty hollow mass of nothingness without an update from moi. It’s not my intention to leave you in a puddle of your own drool staring at the wall ensconced in a vegetative state akin to a blight ridden eggplant, but hey, you’ll get over it. Besides, we went to Denver to visit Good Friend Irene. Plus, it’s nice sometimes to get in touch with one’s eggplant nature. Goo goo ga joob and all that. More on Denver later.

For now, hi-ever, we are still tripping through the Epic East Coast Journey of 2012. The queen mum* got us lovely accommodations at the North Pole Inn – a lodge, campground and RV park. We stayed in the lodge part.

The road into the bustling town of Wilmington

Once upon a time, the queen’s parents owned part of this set up. The current owners bought the land that comprised the campground her parents owned back in the day. They also bought the adjacent lodge and now it’s one big North Pole conglomerate.

Where the elves go for elf nookie, and to look at elf porn on the internets

Oh dear, sweet knotty pine, where would mountain lodges be without thee? Our room was very knotty and very nice. The queen mum also got a room for the queen’s eldest, Willie. So, it was one big happy family hanging out at the happiest place on earth.

I’m pining away for the lovely environs of the North Pole

When you’re alone and life is making you lonely you can always play… putt putt

Unfortunately the Dairy Bar was closed. And my tears poured like wine.

They had some serious good craft brew at the general store. Santa knows I’ve been good.

The queen and I took a walk down to the lake behind the campground, called Lake Everest, as in ‘ever’ and ‘rest’, because it’s always resting. Get it. The water level was quite low but the lake was still quite lovely. Click here for a larger view.

the queen’s backyard back in the day

* the queen always uses lowercase to spell her queenly nickname and thus the queen mum, duchess and all subsequent royalty shall be written in the same vein. It’s all so e e cummings and egalitarian and stuff.

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  1. Deborah says:

    Serene. Quaint.

  2. Crystal says:

    Love this! Spent a good number of my summers at the North Pole with the queen!

  3. Profile photo of eb says:

    Hey Mel! Hope you’re doing well.

    That rhymed. Awesome.

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