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So much has been written about this Wright masterpiece there isn’t much more I can add. What’s to say? It’s breathtaking although I do think an updated paint job, or at the very least some power washing, would help spiff up the outside. No photos were allowed inside and if you search the internets you’ll find a few pics of the magnificent living room but that’s it. This was a bucket list visit though it was a bit hampered by the heat and the fact that there is no air conditioning in the house. Small fans were placed on the floor but that did nothing to assuage the dripping humidity. No matter, it just made me want to return during friendlier weather. It’s truly an amazing place.

My sister in-law, Yvonne, my brother Tommy and son Thomas ready to enjoy the Frank Lloyd Wright greatness.

See what I mean about the outside. Renting a power washer at the local Dome Hepot would fix that up right nice. The design still looks fresh. Totally timeless and belies the fact that it is an old home.

This is the money shot. You take a nice little trek through the surrounding forest to the ‘view’.

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  1. Deborah says:

    Magnificent. My Sunday AM bike ride took me past Studio/Home and a couple of his local creations. The local flavor is quite delectable. But this . . . wow.

  2. e says:

    But, is the basement damp?


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