Finally, Oregon

| February 20, 2012 | 4 Comments

If I was racing Lewis and Clark to Oregon via this blog, they would have beat me with plenty of time left over for a trip to Vegas. Now that the Great Totaled Car Drama of 2012 is subsiding, it’s time to plug away with our adventures on the western trail from the epic road trip of 2011.

Oregon, our final destination before heading home. We stayed with good friend Trisha and met up with new friend Elizabeth and her partner, T (I shall use her initial just in case and unwanted Googler might Google something unwanted). It is my firm belief people named Elizabeth will eventually take over the world. We will be benevolent dictators in the new era of Elizabeth, except for the whole ‘bow down to us’ mandate. We also met up with another Elizabeth and T(eresa) on our California leg of the western tour.  There’s some sort of universal Elizabeth and T thing going on.

The drive up was, of course, beautiful because Oregon is, arguably, the most beautiful state in the Continental US. Most states have a beautiful part and then a scrubby part, like Colorado. Although the beautiful part of Colorado is pretty dang spectacular. Oregon, however, is gorgeous from coast to coast. The east and west are remarkably different, but both are striking. We drove up the coast part of the way then headed to Portland.

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  1. e says:

    “…benevolent dictators in the new era of Elizabeth…” Yes. Of course.

    Oregon *is* beautiful! So glad you agree. But, then, you have the remarkable perspicacity of an Elizabeth.

  2. Profile photo of eb says:

    Oooo… perspicacity. Nice.

  3. Deborah says:

    As you Elizabeth (of ‘Livin to Drive’ fame) probably remember, my first crush (though not recognized as such) was with one named Elizabeth (as in Montgomery, aka Bewitched). Granted, could have been that whole twitching of the nose, making magic happen thing but could have just as likely been an Elizabeth thing.

    To this very day Elizabeth rules. <3. 🙂

    Great word…perspicacity. Love. It.

  4. eb says:

    I DO remember that. And you know what, Elizabeth of Sporks fame is all crushy on Elizabeth Mitchell, she who played Juliet on Lost.

    It’s an Elizabeth world.

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