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That’s what Gandalf told Frodo when asked why he missed their meeting in Bree. Turns out he had this whole wizard smack down with the ee-vil Saruman, wizard who turned to the dark side. Hair was a flyin’, robes were a kilter but Gandalf’s staff wasn’t as powerful as Saruman’s staff. Saruman had the bigger staff. It was also fancier. White wizards always get the best stuff. Galdalf was sent flying to the top of the tower where he sat in the cold and the rain. All appears to be lost except for the fact that Gandalf, being a wizard and all, can talk to moths. Very handy thing to be able to do.

We headed east for two weeks. It was much better than being sent to the top of the tower waiting to talk to a moth. We’ll get to all that, but for now we’re still out in the Texas desert.

In Marfa, we stayed at Stay which appears to have been an old laundromat turned into hipster chic, nightly apartment rentals. We enjoyed our stay at Stay. Each apartment is associated with a door color. We stayed at the yellow door.

Usually, the queen finds out if there are any knit shops within the scope of our travels. She didn’t do this for Marfa. And yet, the knitting universe shone down upon her because what did we see right across the street from our nightly apartment rental? A knit shop! Squee!

Somehow wool and cactus don’t quite go together but it gets dang cold in the desert. And then it gets dang hot. Wild Woolies was open, she who knits bought knitty type stuff and came away with another great yarn store experience. Connected to the yarn shop is a groovy little boutique store called Fancy Pony Land that featured funky clothes, jewelry and art. The only thing missing is a pub or a wine bar. Knit shops and bars are like peas and carrots.

I took my requisite yarn store photos and sauntered off to peruse the area.

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  1. e says:

    Fancy Pony Land!?!? Awesome!

  2. Deborah says:

    Wild Woolies is way more than a yarn shop. How much more?

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