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| April 15, 2012 | 2 Comments

Beautiful Idaho. That’s what the license plates say. From what I could see, the part of Idaho we drove through was not particularly beautiful. Peering off to the north one could see the amuse bouche of beautifulness. Perhaps the license plate motto was right. Nevertheless, the bland plains surrounding Boise reminded me of the Texas panhandle. Let’s do the math – flat x boring = yawnstipating. But, the big, bad, one eyed, one horned flying purple people eater sunset of a sky made up for any lack of landscape ‘pretty’. Shimmering, brown plains below and the purple/red sky above equaled crunchy, scenery goodness. I didn’t take photos. You’ll just have to take my word for it.

We drove into the early evening and decided to stop for gas and food. A billboard for Ziggy’s Cafe caught my eye. Somehow I thought a place named ‘Ziggy’s’ would bestow upon on us some funky, western art vibe with eclectic Idaho noshing. Why did I think that? I can be so stupid sometimes. Could be a hallucinogenic haze brought on by driving in a place whose very existence I once questioned.  Whatever. We stopped at Ziggy’s.

This we know to be true – zombies can approach from anywhere. But they’re more likely to approach from desolate, dusty places like this. During the day I’m sure this stop is as benign as any little gas stop. But at night? Zombies. It’s kinda secluded and scary. Zombies like secluded and scary. So does Jason from the Friday the 13th movies.

We arrived amidst locals dining on the quality selection of Zombie country gastronomic fanfare. I felt conspicuously like an outsider busting in on the salad bar, Sunday night burger and limpy fries extravaganza.

We ordered. I believe I got a BLT complete with the white remnants of iceberg lettuce, last year’s tomatoes and an idea of bacon. I also ordered the fruit salad…

Yes, those are canned pears and oranges. Fruit salad. Of course it’s fruit salad. What else would it be, a-hole? We left Ziggy’s as we found it. Where it was – there. Fruit salad and all. Sleep called our names and we found a place to spend the night and woke up to a glorious sunrise.

Time to head to Utah and… the Spiral Jetty.


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  1. Deborah says:

    Alrighty then. lol: “We left Ziggy’s as we found it. Where it was — there.”

    Hi-ever, the skies..Just Gorgeous.

  2. e says:

    You know, there are some places that one shouldn’t spend much time in; Ziggy’s and Idaho are in that category.

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