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| May 2, 2012 | 5 Comments

Who’s there?

Land art.

Back in the 70s, minimalist artist Donald Judd moved to Marfa, Texas. Working in Marfa allowed him to realize his work on a grander scale in concert with the stark landscape of west Texas. Some of his work is housed in two World War II prisoner of war camp warehouses. German prisoners worked and lived there back in the 40s. Great place for a prison. Anyone trying to make an escape would have been burned to a crispy critter in the desert because there ain’t nuthin’ for miles and miles.

Donald Judd put Marfa on the contemporary art map and more artists followed. I first heard of artists gravitating to Marfa about 10 years ago when Houston gallery owner, Lynn Goode, packed up and moved there. I can understand why, it’s a minimalist place. Very sparse. The sky is big, the land is vast and seems to go on forever.

As a result of this art infusion, Marfa boasts a number of galleries and is also where you’ll find the land art installation, Prada Marfa. Naturally, we couldn’t miss out on a 37 mile trip from Marfa to bumfutmiddleofnowhere for the Prada Marfa experience.

Let me just say this, if you’re going to visit any place away from civilization, make sure your car is not going to crap out on you. You could walk the distance back to Marfa if something happened, but holy sunburned eyelashes, it’s the freakin’ desert and it’s dang hot out there.

Prada Marfa is, as you can see, a Prada storefront. Inside are six handbags and a number of shoes for the right foot only. Yeah, I dunno. It’s art. I’m sure it means something important and I suspect the word “dichotomy” is bandied about when the artists talk about it. I think it’s brilliant but I’m a big fan of stuff like this.

The queen indulges me.


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  1. Crystal says:

    I love you ladies, and I love that you’ll be bringing that sense of awesomeness to Yardville, NJ very soon.

  2. Teresa says:

    That’s so great! Prada ladies would likely use papyrus, but patrons of Prada Marfa are far less predictable.

    Wait. Did you actually break down?

  3. Profile photo of eb says:

    No, we did not break down. But I always worry more about it when we’re driving where there are no trees and it’s really hot. Like driving across the CA desert to get to LA. At least if you break down in a place like Oregon you could be all Grizzly Adams and exist for a little while and take shade under a tree.

    It’s true, Prada ladies would use papyrus – it’s classy, yet exotic!

    Yardville here we come.

  4. maxine says:

    Are you gonna tell them what else is in Marfa? The gem of a surprise we discovered upon our arrival? huh, huh? Are ya???

  5. Deborah says:

    Yeah, what else is in Marfa? Not that Prada Marfa isn’t all that and a bag of fritos..but what say you, more! Marfa!


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