Oak Park!

| July 31, 2012 | 2 Comments

It’s oaky, it’s parky, it’s Oak Park, our final destination on the Amazing Epic Eastern Road Trip of 2012. I guess Oak Park is considered a suburb of Chicago, but it doesn’t resemble a suburb in the way I think of suburbs – planned communities with houses made of ticky tacky. It compares more favorably to Brooklyn, a smaller city/borough within a larger metropolitan area.

In a word, Oak Park is totally and completely awesome. Ok, that was more than one word. I could envision living there except for the insane cold and wind in winter. Otherwise, they’ve got all the good stuff – shops, restaurants, walking city, art, history, easy access to Chicago. But, best of all, Good Friend Deborah lives in Oak Park.

We stayed in, perhaps, the only hotel in Oak Park. With the “L” right around the corner, Chicago was but a short-ish train ride away. Hi-ever, we didn’t even venture into the Bean madness because Oak Park had so much to offer.

Like, cool retro signs and architecture…

Groovy city art…

Beautiful, tree-lined streets with amazing, colorful old houses complete with porch dog…

And the lovely Deborah who met us at Poor Phil’s for some brew and noshing. Poor Phil’s has one hella beer selection, in bottle and on tap and is one of the restaurants connected to the Carleton Oak Park, pretty much the only hotel in Oak Park.

You may know that Frank Lloyd Wright lived and worked in Oak Park at the beginning of his career. Yes he did.

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  1. e says:

    Looks like a good time being had by all… but, no report on the yarn shops???

  2. Deborah says:

    Exclamation point. Heck yeah! And parky, heck yeah times two. There are 14 parks in this tiny little burg. Fourteen. That’s a bunch. Scoville Park was the site of not one but three wedding parties (that I know of) this Saturday past. Picturesque (except I don’t have any. lol).

    I haven’t always been in love with my adopted hometown but I have come to love this friendly little village. And now, I have the memories of the H-town ladies. Awesome

    Don’t forget, if you’re traveling east on Washington, my street is the first beyond the bend. 🙂

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