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Our road trips almost always involve hooking up with family or friends or both. This trip we stayed in LA with Good Friend Irene, she of constant motion who has very recently packed up and moved to Denver. Only 18 hours from Houston. Piece of cake, says I. While staying with Irene in LA, we couldn’t miss an evening out with Elizabeth (she of the Elizabeths Who Shall Take Over The World) and Teresa. Irene came along and a great time was had by all. Smart, funny women make the world go ’round, wouldn’t you agree?

In Portland, we stayed with the queen’s friend from her Virginny days, Good Friend Trisha. She drove us to Cannon Beach and all parts in between and made our stay in the Portland area thoroughly enjoyable. And then, for the first time, we hooked up with blogger Elizabeth (she of the Elizabeths Who Shall Take Over The World) and her partner, T, who shall be T and just T for purposes of not naming T. You never know what to think when you meet online peeps for the first time, but we have had really good luck and this time was no exception.

First, how coincidental is this? The bar where E suggested we meet is next to……? That’s right, a knit shop. Providence, as well as the sun, was shining on the queen. It is my firm belief a business in the business of serving adult beverages should sit next door to a knit shop. The non-knitter must have something to do. Just putting it out there.

Do you see the name of the knit shop? Twisted. Now that’s a knit shop. No Canasta radicals here. Even the tree was yarn bombed. The place was open, E and T were a few minutes away. We went in.

I just snapped this photo when the PXD chicas arrived. But, it’s good to know about the sock blockers in case you’re in need of sock blockers. We ventured over to the RaT, an appropriate acronym for a dive bar. And who doesn’t like a dive bar? I love dive bars. What I want to know is, why do all dive bars have the same wall paneling, chairs and carpet and it’s all about 30 years old and has that same musty smell of mold, Ajax and cigarettes? Is it a dive bar conspiracy? Are there dive bar interior designers and suppliers?  Before we went in I took a window shot, any place with Boddingtons on tap is okey dokey by me.

We get our drinks, sit and talk and eat, and drink some more. Needless to say, it was a great time. The conversation flowed easily as we talked about gay stuff and parents and children. In the photo below we have dos Elizabeths (they OTEWSTOTW) and the queen in her Buc-ee’s, tie dye, beaver shirt. E pointed out Oregon is the Beaver State. How fitting, in more ways than one. This also means Oregon is in need of a Buc-ee’s.

I nicked this one from E’s blog because I really like it. She was taking a picture with her phone (and look at that smile. Cute!) …

… but I don’t have the picture of her hand and phone. You would think that’s what I was taking a picture of, though maybe it was this one of T….

Time is fleeting and it wasn’t long before we had to bid our new friends adieu. Portland is a great place, we will definitely return and hopefully get a chance to have a longer visit with these two lovely ladies. This was a perfect coda to the northern most destination of our road trip.

Now, time to head south to Texas. Let’s drive through Idaho.

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  1. e says:

    It was indeed a lovely meet-up! Plenty of adult beverages and adequate food. I sure was relieved that the yarn store was right next door. Whew!

    • Profile photo of eb says:

      That was the most perfect thing ever, especially since I had to park by The White House. Did I ever tell you we drove by the home you used to live in. Wow. Very nice and quite large. I bet that was fun. Needless to say, if you’re ever in Houston, our door is open.

  2. Deborah says:

    My childhood imaginary friend was Elizabeth. Then there was my devotion to one teevee witch whose real name was Elizabeth. I toyed with the idea of naming my daughter (long before she was even actually conceived) Elizabeth.

    Elizabeths taking over the world? Fine with me. Keep pouring the adult beverages and we’re all good.

    Knit stores and dive bars…there must be a song in there somewhere.

  3. Profile photo of eb says:

    I can hear the twang as I type.

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