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| July 9, 2012 | 2 Comments

From Vermont we crossed into New York on our journey up the Adirondack Northway to visit the queen’s mother **queue celebratory music like on Masterpiece Theater** – queen mum.

You may bow or curtsy now. And don’t look at the queen mum. And don’t sneeze in front of the queen mum. And don’t flair your nostrils in front of queen mum as it is a sign of great disrespect. Oh, and no scratching of the genitals.

The queen mumĀ  is a feisty old gal and I must say I do quite like her. What I like most about her is her willingness to indulge my love of the scenic. She has no problem stopping for the perfect photo op with the most delightful words of , “Does this turn you on?”

We weren’t going to haveĀ  a lot of time for scenic picture taking though one place I wanted to revisit was Ausable Chasm. We were there in ’09 but I lost my pictures of that trip. Sad trombones. One of these days I’d love to hike down to the water, but not this trip. We only had time for me to stand on the bridge and take a few shots.

We were on our way to Plattsburgh for lunch, time was of the essence, but the queen mum was quite the accommodating host. The road we took after Ausable Chasm skirts Lake Champlain. Queen mum takes me down to a boat doc for more picture taking because she knows it ‘turns me on.’

Above is a diorama I took of the lake from the boat dock (click here to see a bigger view). What’s not to love about a big body of water? I heard a ‘yoo hoo’ from behind, looked around and there she was, giving the queen mum wave.

Our sole reason for taking this trip was to visit the queen mum who turns 80 this year. Yes, she’s turning 80 and driving all over the place. I have to say, she does a dang good job of it. At 80. We should all be so lucky.

Yesterday the queen mum called to ask the queen how to define me in her obituary. Am I the queen’s partner? Her wife? Her same sex partner/lady lover/pole dancer? The queen suggested using the term “partner” as to not get the locals all freaked out with the term “wife.” The queen mum is convinced she won’t live to see 81.

When she turns 85 maybe I’ll take that trek down Ausable Chasm.

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  1. e says:

    Lovely scenery and the word ‘Ausable’ is my new favorite word!

    The Queen Mum sounds delightful!

  2. Deborah says:

    What e said. Delightful.

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