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| July 24, 2012 | 2 Comments

The Turn You On Tour of 2012. It’s all a blur now. The queen mum drove us to Ausable Forks on the Ausable river, the one that flows to Ausable Chasm all in an effort to find picture taking turn ons there and along the way. If you like the word ‘Ausable’, there ya go. You can spell it Au Sable when you feel like being all Zou bisou bisou. After all, they are close to Quebec, which explains the Frenchiness.

The tour began on our way to lunch. “Does this valley turn you on? ” Yeah, sure. (click here for the bigger view)

“Do you like churches? Does this church turn you on?” Churches are cool.

“How about statues? Does that statue turn you on?” Now, I’m not a big of war monuments mainly because they seem so artistically uninspired. The Vietnam War Memorial in DC is inspired. I also like the Korean War memorial in DC. The statue the queen mum pointed out was a WWII memorial complete with soldier and names of Ausable Forks veterans. I took a pic only because the queen mum was so turned on over turning me on, but the statue was at the end of the bridge overlooking the Ausable river. (click here for the big show)

Yes, country roads surrounded by trees turn me on.

The next day we went into Lake Placid. It was drizzly and rainy and I was totally spent from being turned on. I mean, I seriously needed a cigarette.  We stopped by Barstucks to have the queen’s first born, Willie (you have to call him “Will”, we call him “Willie”), serve us our Barstucks usual.

Let’s see, we have the queen, the queen mum, the duchess and he shall be “duke william of the lake”.

The queen, the duke and I ate lunch at Lake Placid Pub & Brewery. By this time we were pretty well wiped out and ready to move on to our next leg of the journey. I didn’t take any pics. The beer is good. I had the Lake Placid IPA, a nice brew. Not as sophisticated as some but quite good. As always, much better on tap at the brewery than from the bottle at your local grocery store, but still worth a try.

That night we were on our way to Chicago, specifically, Oak Park to meet up with she of the awesome sauce.

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  1. e says:

    Hobnobbing with Royalty… gurl, you know how to travel!

    ps: the family resembles. at least the shes.

  2. Deborah says:

    And rivers (with rocks and rapid-like water flow) are the shiznit, yo. 🙂

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