Road trippin’ Oct 2013

| June 3, 2014 | 2 Comments

I’m trying to get back in the groove of this. A routine is needed. A blogging routine. Or not. But let’s jump back into it, shall we?

Last October we took a big honkin’ trip up over yonder to Yankee land on the east coast. Usually when we drive up that way we go through Looziana up through Mississippi to Knoxville, TN and then up to northern Virginny, where we crash at my brother’s crib. Yo. But, this time we decided to mix things up a little. Plus, we took extra driving time. It was quite lovely to drive eight hour legs with overnight stays. Very refreshing. Takes longer, yes, but easy to do.

Our first stop was Little Rock, Arkansas. Now – I like Arkansas. It’s very pretty and the people are quite friendly. There is the whole Jesus thing, which is fine as long as the Jesus people leave us alone and don’t try to tell us how we’re going to hell and such. Otherwise, AK is groovy and Little Rock is a pleasant place. We only stayed overnight but stopped at Muggs Cafe for a very delicious breakfast.


They use a mug shot of Johnny Cash on their menu board. What’s not to like? Across the street was a retro drugstore. Gotta love those old neon signs.


Then off we went, headed for Frankfort, KY. The queen had never been to Kentucky before so she knocked that one off her state bucket list. The real reason for taking this route should be of no surprise to you, dear, faithful reader. Yes, that’s right, there’s a knit store in Frankfort. The Woolery.


It’s a big place with a lot of tools and machines and other knitting sundries. I stepped in then stepped right out. I should have taken some pics inside but, alas, was a slacker and didn’t. The queen enjoyed her shopping excursion there.


I guess this part of Frankfort was like ‘historic downtown’ Frankfort. You know how all these small cities and towns have an ‘historic’ downtown that is a must see, like going to see the Taj Mahal? It was quaint, though, with old timey buildings and such.


Upon leaving, the road ascended up a mountain with very nice scenic overlook of the capital building nestled in among the trees. Well done, Kentucky.



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  1. Deborah says:

    It is a groove. It is a rhythm. It is a thing. I’m glad to see you getting some back. 😉

  2. efrompdx says:

    That’s a wandering path to Yankee land!

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