Sante Fe National Forest

| October 18, 2011 | 5 Comments

After knocking off the Cadillac Ranch from the roadside attraction bucket list, it was time to push on to the first city of our itinerary. Taos is about a 16 hour drive from Houston. By the time we hit the Santa Fe National Forest, we were already on the road for 15 hours (given pee stops and Cadillac Ranches and all that road trip extra time stuff). Now, I certainly don’t want to be even a bit whiny about the scenic. Because I am ALL ABOUT the scenic. And I love me a winding road over mountains with trees and rivers and all that scenic goodness. But, after 15 hours of driving, winding roads can be a bit of a challenge. Yet, the sheer beauty of this two hour trek over the mountain and into Taos made it much easier to bear. Plus, the fall color was spectacular.

I do, however, have one thing to complain about – vista points. C’mon people. Where are my vista points? Hellooo. We hit an amazing patch of fall color but there was no obvious place to stop and take a picture. I hate that. Hate it. Though, I suppose sometimes you simply have to enjoy the moment and forget about the picture. Or, you could take some of that tax money that goes to the war machine and give me a freakin’ vista point.

Unfortunately, my pictures were terribly overexposed. I guess I should learn to use the camera I’ve had for the last three years. I think I changed the white point somewhere along the way (that’s camera speak for “I fut up”). I tried correcting the photos and they look ok but don’t capture the true beauty of the drive. You’ll just have to take my word for it – awesome drive, for sure.


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  1. KMae says:

    Love this!!
    Oh, & happy birthday doll face!

  2. Deborah says:

    i do take your word for it (“doll face” love, kmae) and with or without the proper fx, love the views.

  3. e says:

    Nice pix regardless. Is that the Sangre de Cristo mountains? Lovely. Dollface…. heh heh.


  4. Profile photo of admin says:

    @kmae…lol… thanks, babycakes.

  5. Profile photo of admin says:

    e… it’s the mountain range that makes up Taos Ski Valley, so yeah, I think so.

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