Seguin, TX

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Last year after we went to see Emmylou in Gruene we took a bit of a detour and stopped in Seguin, TX because the queen had a knit shop she wanted to check out there. Turns out it was more of a small craft store with a few knitty type things. Gruene, pronounced ‘green’, rhymes with Seguin, pronounced ‘suh-geen’. Everything rhymes in Texas.

Seguin is a small city about two and a half hours west of Houston, about 30 minutes outside San Antone. My brother and sister both went to college there so I’m very familiar with Seguin in that it entered family discussions now and then but the last time I visited was about 25 years ago.

I got my first driving ticket on I-10 right before the Seguin exit way back in 1985. Deal is, I was bragging to my brother not too long before that I never had gotten a ticket. Driving for almost nine years and no ticket. Yeah, go ahead and tell me know great I was. And then irony decided to open a hefty can of whoop-ass. Isn’t that just the way? So I’m driving to my brother’s wedding in San Antonio, doing 85 because I’m kinda late, when the fuzz pulls me over just before the Seguin exit. Busted. Right before the exit to the town where my brother went to college on the way to his wedding. I know, right?

Here’s something else, Seguin is the home to the world’s largest pecan. But did we go take a picture while we were there. No. Why? There can only be one logical explanation – I dumb. Luckily, it’s not that far. It’s not like missing the freakin’ Spiral Jetty.

Seguin was named after Juan Seguin, major figure in the war for Texas independence. Later he went on to be a senator or some such thing like that. Of course there is a statue of him in the town center. Dude has an epic middle name.


Like all small towns and cities, Seguin has a mural depicting the story of the city and the prominent people who helped make the city a city that now has a Starbucks and WalMart.



Seguin also has some cool and groovy old signs. Who doesn’t like cool and groovy old signs? Not me. The one below is for the Texas Theater, oldest theater in the history of the universe, or something close to that.






And then there is a water tower. Dear, sweet, lovable Seguin, where art thou’s water tower imagination. At least put a smiley face on it or sumpin’.


At the end of the trip I was presented with a choice. Heaven or Hell? What will it be? Considering we were in the middle of Texas on a 100 degree day, I wasn’t sure at that moment there was a choice. But I was wrong, there is a choice. There is air conditioning with clouds or there is a dark place with fire. Either way, you gotta wait for the truck to get fixed.



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  1. Deborah says:

    lol AND heaven or hell truck out of commission and being loaded. whit what? or . . .

  2. elf says:

    It’s being loaded with ALL your sins!!

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