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| March 5, 2011 | 1 Comment

Our big vacay this year is going to be a mega road trip to the Pacific Northwest with all kinds of stops in between, of course. This will not be our first trip to the land of mist and coffee. We went on an Alaskan cruise in May of 08, flew into Seattle, drove down to Portland then back to Seattle to get on the boat. Which means, Ms. e, we have, in fact, seen actual waterfalls, not those fakey kind.
While the queen prefers visiting knit shops, it’s all about the scenic for me, especially falling water. Give me tons of water falling over a cliff crashing into a pool of more water. Then, put a bridge over it!

Yes. Put a bridge over it so people, more like me and less like the queen, who is not as enthusiastic about high places, can walk and be high over the pool of water from the falling water from the high cliff. I’d venture to say this just might be better than peanut butter. And, as we know, peanut butter is perfection.

Thus is was, in May of 2008, I found myself walking across the footbridge of Multnomah Falls in the very scenic and heavily state park populated state of Oregon – a big piece of scenic chocolate.

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  1. e says:

    Whew! You have seen real waterfalls. We love that one, btw. Have you driven the ‘waterfall highway’ to get there? Or did you hop on the Interstate? The slow, scenic route is chock-full of falling water.

    Plus, we have more stuff! Like forests, and beaches, and mountains. And lesbians!

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