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| June 19, 2012 | 1 Comment

Within walking distance of the Renoir dancers and Mariachis sits the tooth. It’s a big tooth. It resembles an undiscovered dinosaur, a Molarsaurus, but it’s a tooth. Why a tooth? Well, why not a tooth? I mean, why not Jello? Or an athletic cup? Or a crescent wrench? Because it’s a tooth. It just is. And we are left to wonder why…

The woman is saying, “Look, Gerard, it’s a tooth, it’s just a tooth. It’s a big tooth, but it’s just a tooth. And what a marvelous big tooth it is. And goodness, it has no cavities. It’s a well cared for tooth. The big tooth has a good brusher.” And Gerard is thinking, “A tooth, uh, yeah, what happened to my hair? Didn’t I have hair? I have no hair? Wait a minute. I have no hair. Where is my hair? What’s this bump?”

But that’s not all, the duchess takes us around the corner from the tooth to see a replica of Grant Wood’s American Gothic. Across the street, a couple marvels at the big people. From a distance the couple looks real.

Hand on butt! Hand on butt!

Well done Hamilton, NJ. This is just the tip of the sculpture ice berg. Sculptures dot the landscape as you drive around town leading you to the Grounds for Sculpture park. It’s a sculpture extravaganza. Plus, you can take the train to NYC and get yourself some extra art overload. Bring a brown paper in case of hyperventilation.

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  1. e says:

    The tooth is so very… muscular looking.

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