World’s Largest Petrified Tree

| October 24, 2011 | 2 Comments

That’s what the billboard said. The billboard is on I-40 after you cross the border into Arizona from New Mexico. I-40 is the interstate highway that effectively replaced old Route 66 – where one could get one’s kicks. Route 66 still does exist and some maps have started to include it. I entertained the idea of driving a portion of the old road, but didn’t know what state it would be in. Since we needed to get to L.A. before Good Friend Irene’s bedtime, veering off course wasn’t prudent. But that’s okay, there was still some roadside attraction goodness to be had.

Anywho, the billboard appeared just before the town of Holbrook, Arizona. It touted the world’s biggest petrified tree could be found at Geronimo’s. Well, we couldn’t pass that up! Ok… I couldn’t pass that up. C’mon, it’s the world’s largest petrified tree! And it’s at a place called Geronimo’s! We had to stop.

Geronimo’s is a souvenir shop located just past the petrified forest. They sell all kinds of souvenir-y stuff but also have quite a collection of petrified rocks and slices of trees. Right out in front of the store is the tree of billboard fame. It weighs something like 8,000 pounds. At least that’s what I thought the shop dealer told me. You don’t have to pay to see it or nuthin’. It’s right there for the picture taking.

Yeah, it’s a dang big, petrified tree. All those pieces laying in front of it are also from the tree and they have that glass-like, speckled look like a log of glossy Spam.

Of course, the presence of teepees always lends an air of retro roadside attraction to any souvenir travel stop. Teepees and dinosaurs. We saw some very cool dinos along the way but they were on the other side of the highway. Maybe on another trip out I-40.

Next up – Jack Rabbit Trading Post, a true left-over from old Route 66.

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  1. e says:

    Oh, this takes me back~! There’s some lovely scenery in them there parts!

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