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Before I get started on The Great East Coast to Midwest Adventure of Thelma and Louise, we took a day trip to Paige, TX last month to visit one of the queen’s favorite yarn stores, Yarnorama. And an ‘orama’ it is. A veritable cornucopia of all things yarnish – from spinning to knitting to bunnies. Yes, they have bunnies. Although you can’t tell they’re bunnies. They just look like a couple blobs of fur in a cage.

Keeping with the theme of being in the middle of bum fut Texas…

I think Paige is actually smaller than Marfa. Is that even possible? Yes, it is. Paige has a population of 275 and a total of four businesses. I wonder if they count the Purple Martins in the census?

For such a small town, this is quite a big yarn shop. Maybe all 275 people knit. Maybe they moved to the Texas nowhere to escape the rat race of knitting in the city. Everyone talks about driving and texting but no one discusses driving and knitting – the epidemic that dare not speak its name.

Speaking of driving, I got a ticket last month for going through a stop sign. I think I was framed. I have to take defensive driving to get it expunged from my record. The only reason I’m telling you this is because I wanted to use the word ‘expunge’. But why isn’t it spelled ‘exsponge’? Though I guess that could mean an ex sponge – like a sponge you were very fond of but have divorced due to irreconcilable differences. Oh yeah, Yarnorama! Playground for the fiber obsessed…

And here are the bunnies. I looked at them and was all, “Where the heck is the bunny head?” How do you tell? They look like some Seussian truffula whampaloosis zooeymadads. And there were two of them. It was very unclear where one ended and the other began. But they’re dang cute because they’re bunnies and bunnies are always cute. Duckies, bunnies, puppies and kittins – always cute.  Have you ever looked at a ducky, bunny, puppy or kitten and exclaimed, “Ooooo snap! You fugly!” No, I bet you never have. See. It’s one of the few truths in life. Bunnies are always cute.

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  1. maxine says:

    You neglect to include that the bunnies names are Coco and Chanel…

  2. Profile photo of eb says:

    My apologies to Coco and Chanel and all bunnies everywhere. Which would be a lot of apologies.

  3. Deborah says:

    Yes, bunnies are cute. But one night, a few weeks ago I was walking home from the train, talking with Lynne, and many bunnies crossed my path. Not all at once, but several over the course of a few blocks. At one point there were multiple bunnies mere inches (okay, feet) from my feet. In that instant, none of them were cute. At all. To me. But then, there weren’t so much “bunnies” as full grown rabbits–on the loose. 🙂

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Kudos on actually catching a purple martin near its apartment. They tore down all the dome houses and the p.m.s are representing for mid-century modernity.


  5. e says:

    Sure they have yarn, sure they have fuzzy ‘bunnies’, but do they have those silk hanky thingies that the Queen got in PDX?

    I think Coco and Chanel might actually be guinea pigs…

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